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Built-in Metadata for Metrics

Sumo Logic automatically adds several metadata fields to metrics at ingestion time. Sumo Logic uses metrics metadata in a number of ways. For instance, you can use metadata to scope your metrics queries.


For a list of Sumo Logic metrics sources, see Metrics Sources.

Built-in metadata fields

You can run queries using any of the following built-in metadata fields.

_collectorThe name of the Collector (set when the Collector was installed) that received metrics data points.
_metricIdThe identifier of the metric. It is calculated based on the dimensions of the metric, and can be used to uniquely identify a specific metric.
_sourceThe name of the Source, determined by the name supplied when the Metrics Source was configured.
_sourceCategoryThe source category assigned to the Source by the user that configured it. _sourceCategory
_sourceHostThe host name of the Source. For Sources that run on Installed Collectors, this is the Source Host configured for the Source. For Sources that run on Hosted Collectors, _sourceHost takes its value from the remote host's name, obtained using a reverse DNS lookup. If the name cannot be resolved, _sourceHost is displayed as localhost.
_sourceHostcan be a maximum of 400 characters.
_sourceNameThe name of the Source, provided when the Source was configured.
_contentTypeType of the ingested metric. It can be the format of the metric, the source type (HostMetrics, AwsCloudWatch, and so on), the origin (MetricFromLog, MetricFromTrace, and so on) or for an HTTP Source, the Content-Type header configured for the Source.
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