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The Sumo Logic Observability solution provides tools that work together to ensure you are able to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose issues across a variety of environments. 

In this section, we'll introduce the following concepts:

About Observability

Learn about the Sumo Logic Observability Solution.

Set up collection

Use collectors to start sending critical signals to Sumo Logic.


Set alerts that notify you about system state changes.

Root Cause Explorer

Troubleshoot app and microservice incidents and isolate root causes.

AWS Observability

Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting of your AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Kubernetes Observability

End-to-end solution for deploying and monitoring your K8s environment.

Reliability Management / SLOs

Create Reliability Management dashboards, configure queries, set SLIs, and more.


Gain insight into traditional server closets, containers, apps, and more.

Other solutions and apps for infrastructure monitoring

These ready-to-run apps are a good starting point for monitoring critical parts of your infrastructure that support a work-from-home workforce:

  • Work from Home Solution. This solution allows you to monitor all aspects of the infrastructure you use to enable employees to work from home, safely and securely—including your productivity apps, and the services you use for SSO, remote access, endpoint security.

  • Sumo Logic App for Cisco Meraki. You can use this app to monitor and troubleshoot network security, end-to-end performance, switch port management, and device management of your Cisco Meraki wireless infrastructure management platform.
  • Sumo Logic App for Zscaler Web Security. This app provides visual insights into web traffic behaviors, security, user browsing activities, and risk in Zscaler.
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